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How should a Bitcoin app authenticate its users? @joshua has recently been advocating Bitcoin-native user authentication - essentially some kind of challenge/response mechanism where a user signs the response with their wallet. Powping itself I think uses this kind of model. https://coingeek.com/logging-in-with-bitcoin/ I like this idea, but truth is there is nothing like a standard for this, so apps implementing this approach need to do it wallet by wallet - effectively creating a hard dependency on a 3rd-party wallet, and limiting their users to those of the supported wallets. And we should remember what users like@satoshidoodles are telling us about this experience: https://powping.com/posts/9b2dfc27d1223f71504ec09dad57321238a9449e5ef7779b036bade0768376c4 If we force users to log in with Money Button and/or Relay, are the accessibility trade-offs worth it? Is the humble username and password really dead?
musiq tipped:
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2 years ago
I think it’s great and it can pave the way for much better security and user experience than passwords. We do need some sort of identity system with a public key registry (I think onchain would work really well). Right now if you lose your Money Button password or sell your paymail, there would be no way to get back your PingPow account.
libs tipped:
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1 year ago
jonathanaird replied:
Another way to think about it is that if you use your wallet to sign into your apps, all of your apps will have the same level of security as your money, which we can presume will be quite good.
deggen replied:
This was my thinking too - as secure as your money.
Don't you still need to do everything wallet by wallet regardless of which approach you use?
libs replied:
I don't think that's necessarily true. You *could* build your own in app wallet (I don't think thats a good idea either), or you can offload the whole payments thing to another service (why I built paypresto).
libs replied:
I have yes - admittedly I didn't think of it when I wrote the post. But still, no wallets support this AFAIK?
joshua replied:
Right not yet