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Thoughts? Their big picture intentions, to me, seem very sound. They do not come off like they're bluffing to me either. Something big is brewing. https://twitter.com/TeamSatoshi
I’m not really following all that is happening. Spinning a lot of plates at the moment. What do you think is brewing?
felon_musk replied:
Well it seems like Cobra colluded w/ Craig to throw the case. The insinuation being either on friendly terms or under duress of violence. The insinuation also is that Cobra need not pay the fees with a wire transfer as Craig is claiming - that the payment can be anonymous and need only be sent in the name of the case to the court. This acct repeatedly offered to pay the fees for Cobra as he kept claiming Craig wouldn't accept payment, and Craig/Cal were claiming that was a lie and that he had to doxx himself to pay up now. This other acct is very strange though. Multiple people operating it for sure. Seems to be hitting angles I don't see typical paid disinformation. Seems to me the people behind the account know a lot, and seem very confident. Could be a huge fake though, just doesn't come off like that.. comes off strange to me compared to dime a dozen disinformation.
felon_musk replied:
This individual says the judge has been informed of the errors in the case and so will himself be extremely stressed out as he fucked up bigtime if what this person is saying is true. Basically, Cobra was only ever the admin of the site. Never the owner. These people claim to own and have registered the site with a prepaid credit card from CVS and lots of other stuff. They claim the court case was a fraud b/c contextual info was left out to the judge that obviously affected the ruling.
felon_musk replied:
Sorry, it's not an individual, they claim to be more than one person operating the acct and it does seem to be to me. it's very hard to hide idiosyncracies in our text if not consciously focusing on hiding them/avoiding them.
nate replied:
Yeah - I keep seeing posts about big changes coming. We will see. Also saw this document: https://decentralizedlegalsystem.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/FATF-Global-Crypto-Regulations-Summary-June-2021-V2.pdf I haven’t read it all yet, but seems kinda alarming - like a flex move / power grab.