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Bug alert@unwriter If you change your primary mb paymail you cannot login
you mean change your paymail in powping app? or change it in moneybutton?
metastraya replied:
When you change it in mb.
unwriter replied:
Hmm that sounds like an edge case. I think if you log out from powping, and then change the moneybutton's primary paymail, and then re-sign into powping, it should probably ask you to create a new username because on PowPing your "user account" is directly tied to your paymail. It will think you're a different user. That said, i am not sure if this is what you want. We do have plans to support adding multiple paymails to a single PowPing account, so if that's what you want to do, i recommend waiting until "add a new paymail to this account" feature is released.
bitcoinappdev tipped:
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1 year ago
metastraya replied:
Yes this is what is happening. “add a new paymail to this account” will be welcomed.