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Re: killers after you. A story for everyone. One of the most terrifying experiences of my life. The most harrowing of these.. I had to escape a town I had just moved to because the acquaintance who invited me to move in (diff province) turned out to be an actual killer, or at least covering for one. I found projectile impact hole with a big ass red circular stain, bit of red splatter on the ceiling of this concrete floored room he moved me into after a day or two. He had also asked me to paint that floor and was gonna get paint to do it soon after I moved in. And I also found an old pellet from a shotgun shell, in a little drilled hole in the concrete. Confronted him when he was at work over facebook. Didnt like his answers at all. Said why don't I just bring this pellet down to the cops though, maybe something happened before you moved in here - trying to gauge his reaction. He said nonononono, he said he'd be home at 6. Ok sure. I got the urge to leave and that I was in danger, despite my knee being fucking painful at the time.. went for a walk, came back 4:30 ish, thinking I was overreacting and should give him time to explain. About 40 ft from the house. Saw him storming up to the house super fast - he had parked his vehicle somewhere that I wouldn't see him coming as well - not normal. Would have been stuck in the basement if I hadn't gone for the walk too, no way out. He didn't see me on the sidewalk, rushed into the house, slammed the door, presumably to go fucking kill me and shut me up (otherwise why would he say he was coming home at 6, then come home early, hide that he had arrived and rush in?). Immediately realized he had rushed home early from work to shut me up. Turned the fuck around and booked it. Left ALL my shit there. Everything I owned but some clothes I had in my backpack on me. My computer, bed, grow equipment, EVERYTHING i owned. Went to the cops.. they gave off weird vibes, and wanted me to go back to the house with them.. I said fuck that I'm not going back there. I'll wait here for you to go if you want. They weren't interested - why? So I left there too. Went to stay in a shelter - fucking place was like a prison, thought I was gonna be shanked. Walked the streets overnight. Stayed at the hospital psych ward the next night, just pleaded for a bed, and managed to get a bus ticket home. Went to the bus station. Get there and I'm like, thank god I can get home now and safe. Hours before the bus leaves (in an industrial area - basically no people at all around but me), these two sketchy dudes walk up. One guy literally has a fucking PRISON POSSESSIONS BAG on him. And they're trying to talk me up get me to drink, outside at this picnic table. The guys clearly know each other. There's an older thug, and this young thug dude going into this prison possessions bag (they give these to you when you get released from jail) and he's pulling out shit like.. a womans scarf.. and i'm like wtf is going on here So, the young guy slowly starts nudging closer and closer to me, with his hand in a jacket... concealed.. and I'm sitting down at this table about 5 ft from him, and I realize holy fuck this guy is about to stab me. I get up and stretch like normal and get distance from him, and say "Ahhh what time does the bus leave guys?" at the same time to distract. They think about it and it gives me enough time to create more distance towards the bus station. The guy is no longer moving at me and cannot without making it obvious, they now have to let me go in and wait for me to come back out (in their minds) I go into the bus station and explain to the guy that I'm in danger. Ask him, please, let me just leave out the backdoor, I can't use this ticket. I have to leave. He's confused, but agrees. I go out the back door and BOOK IT down some sidestreet they can't see. No idea where I am. Just running far away where they can't see. Now, I have to make it 3 hrs away on the highway, to another town, to catch the connecting bus to get home. I end up asking people where the freeway is, then walk with a fucked up knee for 2 fucking hours to get there. Then managed to hitchhike 2 rides to get to the bus in time, and got home. FUCKING HELL MAN, IT WAS FUCKING TERRIFYING JESUS
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Why is this not in Art & Words?!?! Dude... your life is a story. It might need pictures 🤔
felon_musk replied:
I have tons of stories like this. 2017 I had a super bizarre experience. Still pretty convinced Mossad attacked me for online activity. Lucky I'm here to even discuss it, their goal seemed to be to force me to physical violence so that I'd be medicated longterm or involuntarily admitted to psych ward. Super lucky I escaped that too. I literally had to restrain my own arm from swinging at people I loved, consciously. It was like they had partial control. Gross. They shut my legs down too once after that. They paralyzed my lower body and I was just reduced to sitting there on the kitchen floor with my legs moving in and out in a jittery, rhythmic pattern - but it was always the same, it wasn't random, it was a specific pattern my legs kept moving in and out on the floor by themselves. my roommate saw. I had to hold my fucking legs down to stop them from moving, with my arms. The fact that it was an exacting pattern, makes me think it was some kind of low frequency wave. I have no idea, it was fucking unsettling. once I got control of my legs again, I saw a white van slowly driving in front of our house (dead street, 2am) on the wrong side of the road, by our sidewalk. I opened the front door and they took off. ugh
nate replied:
Dude... What the... Idk what all you’ve gone through, but it sounds horrific. What is/was goin on?
felon_musk replied:
Well, it's very possible I personally antagonized Ghislaine Maxwell in 2016/2017, for starters. But I was causing her ilk (Mossad and the like) a lot of problems then online. However, there's clear evidence both of her known powermod accounts on reddit were active, and had submitted links when I was highly active in an obscure subreddit, and causing disinfo MASSIVE problems. Like, watching what they were doing, how they operated with their sockpuppets etc, for 12-16 hrs a day, every day, exposing them, and insulting them, shaming them, etc. And, not knowing Ghislaine was likely lurking (if not commenting at other users, using sockpuppets, it's known that she was spending a shitload of time online nearing her arrest), I also went for the throats of the pedo cabal she's involved with. It's a long story, and it's not easy to explain, and I don't really ever bother trying because it's so fucking long and complicated. So much context is required to understand why I came to the conclusions I did over the 4 yrs following.
felon_musk replied:
I mean the biggest reason why I think it was Mossad is that during the initial attack, TL;DR a stranger in a library literally started pacing back and forth after standing up from the computer across from me, saying all this stuff related to the bizarre ideation forced on me at the time, then looked me dead in the eyes with the most intense look and just straight up said "Mossad is here". I knew what Mossad was already at the time. I took the dude, at the time, as being WITH Mossad, threatening me. But as I looked back over the years it became apparent he was trying to warn me that what was happening to me was THEIR doing, trying to snap me out of it, but there was no way he could have at the time.
nate replied:
Wow, man. I even had to look up what Mossad even is. Not sure how far you want/can go, but appreciate you sharing.
Crazy man. Glad you were able to make it.
felon_musk replied:
Shit was fucking awful man. Been more like this but that was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life
Oh yeah, the other thing about this guy? He had two dogs on raw meat diets. The meat was mystery meat, ground, saran wrapped bricks... Also, his dogs kept licking my legs.. like I tasted good
isaiah_smith replied:
No response from me will do you justice. I've developed coping mechanisms to overcome sophisticated attempts at shattering the human spirit i actually understand how you feel. i know it sounds crazy. anyway. This conversation has turned me cold. I knew you were a good person. it's best for me to stay quiet or i'll turn into a full on arsehole. And ruin any hopes for behaving in a positive christian way. That can be an example of how men should behave. i'm glad i met you. You won't recieve any negative energy from me i believe you you havn't behaved badly. Its the quiet ones that anyway. Im glad we had this interaction it could have been much worse. Anyway hey normally people that have gone through the shit you have lose their abilty to conduct themselves like you have and i see and recognize this and you deserve respect.
felon_musk replied:
We all have our mechanisms bro. This is just one of mine. I have no bad energy towards you either. My energy is on a smart contract - if you are a malevolent person in my life, then you receive malevolent energy back. If you are positive, you receive that back. You're at no risk from me unless you're malevolent