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The onboarding tool for MoneyStream is ready to test. https://bitcoinofthings.com/getstarted There is one extra step for firefox users (copy/paste the moneystream address). You can earn a penny by watching a promo video. I am going to put up some bounty on BSV App Testers if you want to do the full steps and leave some feedback. Or leave feedback here. Thanks!
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Mobile view is kinda messed up. Always build mobile first.
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fullcycle replied:
Thanks! Yeah, mobile story has been left out. Resource constraints. I will make sure that becomes part of testing.
Looking forward to WordPress plugin. Any ETA?
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fullcycle replied:
I love the idea. And it should be easy to accomplish to pay powpress content on wordpress. I will see if I can fit it in soon. Thanks.
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fullcycle replied:
Well, the WordPress plugin is not done yet. I will look at that "soon". What I have released is monetized powpress content *.wordpress.com It is in the extension version 0.1.13 released today. Monetization of powpress on Medium will happen later today. Example: https://upubsub.wordpress.com/
The website took about 30 seconds to load the first time. The second time it loaded instantly. You running it on Heroku?
fullcycle replied:
Free hosting on zeit now. Load time seems better now.
Works nicely with my Chrome and Firefox. 👌 Have you thought about creating a TonicPow campaign? https://offers.tonicpow.com/
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Thanks. I will use tonicpow sometime in future. After more bugs are fixed :)
fullcycle replied:
Are you testing? I think someone closed the video modal and it did not pay out. You have to watch video to end or stop vid when it says 'monetizing'. I will fix the problem with closing the modal.
pete replied:
Yes, I was testing and left you some comments at the BSV App Testers page.