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I still can't understand why ETH and many other blockchains have a concept of "Gas". Why not just use the coin to pay the fee, as we did in Bitcoin?
I think they understood ETH was going to be used as fiat. So they wanted to have different values from what u use to run a smart contract and what they want to use as money. I think it is because at the beginning not many people (me either) realized that bitcoin does not compete with Fiat (at least in short-middle term)
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1 year ago
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Maybe the gas concept is for dealing with the delay of contract execution. After someone published a transaction, the miners need some time to execute it, then return the result. The ethereum account models seem from the Omni layer, and the smart contract system looks like a second layer of blockchain, so they need a second coin.
Gas is paid with ETH
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It's true.