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MIKAZUKI - Art off the wall

"Mikazuki" a Japanese word meaning "crescent moon", is the third day of the moons monthly cycle. It is said to be the day when an idea has manifest, taking shape and becomes real. It has left your mind, your world and can be experienced in the physical world by anyone.

The first layout of Mikazuki canvas at the top hand painted by the artist "Fragments" February 2019
"Mikazuki is a brand "without" logo, it was created for artists by artists & their communities"

While there is a logo "三日月" it is made so the artist can paint over it if the artist prefer to not show the brand's logo. It is the free will of choice I want to value. I want to make it more of a tool, a living exhibition where the bearer express it's appearance through original art, A living museum if you like.

Our first pop-up store event in Stockholm Sweden

Mikazuki belongs to the future being created on blockchain. That is through identity, individuality & freedom. It has not been possible to achieve before the Genesis upgrade of the bitcoin network. 

Nikola Tesla on a Mikastamp by "Fragments"

Wearable art has to have a "certificate of authenticity" a registry maintained by a decentralized network, that network is Bitcoin SV. "Mikastamp" was created to certify consumer goods of any kind. Original art on the size of A stamp in combination of a decentralized network registry creates the bounds of a holistic product that can achieve what Mikazuki stands for "Individuality". 

Original micro art on a Mikazuki canvas bag, oil on canvas by Agnes Birgerson Widin

Welcome to our opening party on Saturday 17 October from 17:00 - 22:00 @ Gallery Frameland Barnhusgatan 8, Stockholm Sweden

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