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Bitcoin Suisse hosted a BitcoinSV welcome meeting in Zug yesterday. They gave an office tour including their dealing room where they boost to do 20% of global OTC crypto trade. As a thank you they also made these fun BSV bank notes. All in all a great step towards global BSV acceptance.
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1 year ago
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1 year ago
Beautiful design!
Wow .. were you at the event? Good to know they're not hostile towards BSV, given their close ties with ethereum. Do you think there is more collaboration coming between Bitcoin Suisse and BSV groups?
jansmit replied:
Yes, Two Hop was fortunate to attend. Bitcoin Suisse stressed that they are and will remain absolutely chain agnostic. The Zug Bitcoin Association, Taal and nChain offices are now in same building as Bitcoin Suisse so I expect things to warm up further over time.
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Awesome, this is some really useful first hand information! Do you know whether talks were recorded?
I think their fees are a bit high.