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One day Hasan of Basra saw Rabi’a al Adawiya near the riverside. Casting his prayer mat on the water he stepped on to it and said, “O Rabi’a, come let us pray together.” Rabi’a said, “O Hasan, why have you set yourself up like a salesman in the bazaar of this world? You do this because of your weakness.” With that she threw her prayer mat into the air, flew up on to it and said, “Come up here, Hasan, so that people may see us,” But that was more than Hasan could accomplish, so he was silent. Rabi’a, wishing to gain his heart, said, “O Hasan, a fish can do what you did and a fly can do what I did. The real work lies beyond both of these; that is what we must occupy ourselves with.” 🙂