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BUD TIC (Relayx)

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Idk much in this genre, but I do like supporting amigos
I have a clothing company too. Just haven't done a lot with it.
Thank you.
nate replied:
So is the TIC like a currency / utility token?? I know@thoth is gonna help me understand this, but that May sum it up.
bitcoin_assassin replied:
The eat ticker on relayx has tacos and a NFT. Soon both will be listed under the eat Ricker on relayx.
bitcoin_assassin replied:
If you own the art ticker. Anyone who mints a token or nft on relayx that wants to list it under the art ticker will have to pay a fee or give the art ticker a cut.
thoth tipped:
chief tipped:
thoth replied:
its not a token its like a brand label your relay tokens trade under. like a stock ticker symbol. TSLA = Tesla. Its a pretty powerful branding opportunity honestly but it will be getting less expensive so theres choices to make... still some great ticers available. I want a couple 😁
chief replied:
ill definitely scoop tick up when they drop bigly in sv value
bitcoin_assassin replied:
Might be awhile.