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Magic hobbies ...

Magic internet money or composting?

I’ve been doing some micro-scale trench composting this winter, in addition to the usual worm composting involving red wigglers in separate bins.

Despite our municipal green waste program being a reliable weekly pickup, and the availability of commercial compost, this micro-scale composting is a satisfying alternative.

A long time ago I read a local newspaper article with tips from old-timer gardeners. Simple trench composting was one of those tips. Speaking of newpapers, it used to be easy to find piles of unwanted newspaper, available to shred for brown material. I grew up reading the local newspaper daily, and was also sometimes recruited/guilted into helping a younger sibling with what effectively became a family paper route on the rainiest of days.

Every couple of days, when there’s a break in the Vancouver rain, I’ve been taking a little bucket of kitchen scraps outside to bury, about a foot deep. Each time the location of the hole is varied within the budget cinder block garden bed. The big pile of leaves on top has shrunk to about half its original volume, having been incorporated into the soil over time. After several weeks pass and I come back to dig in a previously used spot, I can see that the kitchen scraps have magically turned into fluffy, “black gold”. There are some fat worms in this soil!

I try not to expose myself to too much of “the news” these days. It just makes me angry or annoyed.

Composting is also a very zen and magical hobby when compared to learning about BitCoin. Worms are very quiet.

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