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This has bothered me for a long time but I never said anything Be careful whose app you support. This explains the arrogance you see out in some BSV spaces
bpm tipped:
babyrozh tipped:
What apps are doing this?
bpm replied:
Sorry but I am deliberately not delving into certain aspects of this conversation We are among good people around here and there other good apps in BSV. Things will come out and work out in time. It’s a journey and we learn on the way
pete replied:
😑 Without names it's like a car mechanic who assures that there's a problem with some parts, but refuses to say which parts they are.
nate tipped:
nate replied:
Exactly. It’d be good to know where the problems exist.
Not following. Fill me in.
bpm replied:
Revenge of the Nerds, Bitcoin sequel Devs spread hash malware inside viral apps which enables them to take over the network and hijack others value to serve them
nate replied:
Ha! My acct will be disappointing 🙃
what are they doing?!
bpm replied:
When you see chest thumping about hash from Devs in Dev Cult who hardly own squat, as I see it, this is really what they are getting at- While User runs an app, it eats up their power and device life and performance to hash. This idea diminishes everybody’s reputation who associates with promoting such apps with referral links- if these apps actually had a lot of users- but they don’t . I want the world running BSV apps but I don’t want to associate myself with any app that possibly intends to tread in malware. Another avenue is whether fees you are paying in part will be funneled toward paying for hash that supports an agenda which might be contrary to your interests as a sat owner
thoth tipped:
thoth replied:
Loud and clear. 😕