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Thoughts from Lake Tahoe

There is only one absolute fact that I know -> there can be no absolute facts for human beings as they have currently evolved. This is why we have evolved a god module in our brains. Is it located in a particular part of the brain? Evidence suggests that it is likely to be different in every individual even identical twins. This suggests some level of nurture in its development. How does this relate to free will and determinism?

It seems to me the main function of this god module is to deal with paradox. Just like the opening statement above, humans are constantly faced with all sorts of paradoxes - the god module is the sinkhole into which unresolved thought disappears without re-emerging - something like a relief valve on a steam engine. I would argue that this is a survival mechanism which has evolved into the human genome. One could start to speculate about racial differences but this would be courting with intellectual ostracism and I best feed that into my god module!

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