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Right now mornin.run displays any tokens/NFTs minted via RelayX or mint.tique.run as long as that token has at least 1 Bitcoin transaction in the last 24 hours. Meaning as soon as a token is minted it will be displayed on the site within minutes. This is a recent change as of about a week ago, where I only displayed tokens with at least 1 purchase in efforts to show more information about the different tokens being created. The list is sorted by the number of purchases on the REX in the last 24 hours. To navigate to the market page for each token, click the Name field of the token. You can sort on all columns except Contract ID and Analysis by clicking the column headers. The Analysis column links to either a whitepaper for that token or@liam 's analysis on Bitpost. If your token has a whitepaper or informational link please let me know and I will add it.
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1 year ago
Appreciate all you do. Thanks for mornin run. CUB has a white paper. https://www.cubonchain.com/about-cub.html
joshua replied:
Thank you! This is updated on the site now.
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1 year ago
Thanks for your site