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Do ECDSA signing with 1 as "k" value. Can we use it to implement a function similar to OP_PUSHTX in sCrypt? Using other k values is too difficult for me.
The `pf_inv` is a native function which computes the scalar inversion.
Is it even secure to use k=1 for OP_PUSH_TX style signatures?
venezia replied:
I asked the same question in sCrypt slack. In the case of OP_PUSHTX, we can use any k number, so 1 is ok. But we need to re-select the k value to ensure the r and s not equal to 0, according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elliptic_Curve_Digital_Signature_Algorithm . And the inversion of k can be computed off-chain, so there is no additional cost to use a random k.
I realize the inversion of k can be computed off chain. So the problem disappearšŸ˜Œ