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Michigan makes it legal to microchip workers "While some American states have tried to ban all forms of human microchipping, the State of Michigan has taken a more nuanced and techno-progressive approach towards microchip implants by passing the Microchip Protection Act. . Introduced as House Bill 5672 by Republican Representative Bronna Kahle, the Microchip Protection Act is the first bill of its kind to have a coherent, pro-innovation and business-friendly legal framework for human microchipping. It provides businesses with the flexibility to increase efficiency by allowing them to legally microchip their workers, while also protecting the rights of the workers." . https://biohackinfo.com/news-michigan-bronna-kahle-microchipping-bill-5672/
microchip yourself and have a nice life. Shiny happy workers. Arbeit macht frei was proved to be false narrative. Read between the lines.