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The #Train Through #Christmas #Countryside - Experience our #magical immersive new #festive show and see #Santa on board our steam train this Christmas. Mr.Tickets, The Train Through Christmas Countryside's Ticket Inspector. Takes you through some of the things you can look forward to on board and about how we are using Covid 19 distancing measures to make sure you have the safest journey possible. https://youtu.be/oYFBQNNwL4s
Looks like a fun thing to do for Chrissy, hope it goes well.
diddy replied:
HoHoHo - Yes it is fun being an Elf, I do appreciate that it is abit early for some people as we are still in Summer at the moment, but these things do get booked up very quickly and we are the Only Train in the UK at present able to do this safely - way hey !! Thank you x