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Total Economy: 3.63 USD
Very happy to announce that Centi and HandCash are collaborating on improving the #BSV payment experience! https://centi.ch/2020/09/23/payments-handshake-protocol/
unwriter tipped:
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1 year ago
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1 year ago
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1 year ago
"1. No changes needed to the POS-Frontend 2. No training needed for store personnel. In fact, store personnel don’t even need to know Bitcoinsv is accepted as there is not a single button to be pressed for invoicing Bitcoinsv. All this is possible whilst still using native Bitcoinsv and retaining all it’s properties and advantages. 3. No change in user experience on the wallet side." This is great! Is the handshake protocol publicly available somewhere?
ben replied:
Not yet, but it will be. It is technically a very simple innovation, but it can have a big effect.
erik replied:
Unwriter what do you mean peer-to-peer