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whats everyones relayx
rofl. good for a laugh i hope, cheers for the tips
bitcoin_assassin replied:
Holding for life.
thoth replied:
lol super rare
felon_musk replied:
felon_musk replied:
Be good to him
tonymontoshi tipped:
0.04 USD
1 year ago
tonymontoshi replied:
😂 nice!
felon_musk replied:
done deal lol
psychopomp is mine
felon_musk replied:
Sent lol
thoth tipped:
0.4 USD
1 year ago
thoth replied:
haha thank you! got him
felon_musk replied:
Rofl.. what can we even do with these? Just hang onto them for fun? I'm not gonna sell them cause i'm sure thats got copyright issues.
thoth replied:
yeah its a fun collectible lol some day some nerd will read about this and offer you 10 million for one
felon_musk replied:
lmao and i wont be able to take it b/c it's cryptofights IP thought 10 million would probably cover court costs lulll