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I awoke painfully to a piercing light Radiating from the bright sunrise As the sun rose fiercely in the dawning sky It was so bright and piercing that it burned my eyes I regained some sight, and when I peeked outside I saw the glow And through the windows I heard the cries of crows I heard their rhythmic cries as if putting on a show They stood on telephone wire, and they stood all in a row “What is the impending danger?” I asked, “What is it that you know?” They said nothing and stared back at me, and then they cried once more Suddenly the sky turned to clouds and rain The crows flew fast, in fury and in pain The wire rattled emitting a deafening sound I covered my ears, grinned my teeth, and fell to the ground My vision still blurry and my ears loudly ringing An angel appeared and it seemed to be lightly singing I could not hear it, but I could speak So I asked, “What do you want? What is it that you seek?” Then the sky saw a lightning flash and heard a thunder roar My eyes were burned again, and my ears rang some more With a snap of his finger the angel made the ringing stop With another snap, there we were, suddenly on the rooftop The clouds were gone and the rain had seized In the distance were the crows, flying to the east Afraid of being burned again I looked down to the ground “Have no fear,” said the angel, “there is a treasure to be found.” “Look at the sunrise,” ordered the angel. “Stare into its might!” My eyes were not burned this time, but I was blinded by the Light
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