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The Centre for Independent Studies analysis paper on the lockdown in Australia: 'Victims of failure – how the COVID-19 policy response let down Australians' https://catallaxyfiles.com/files/2020/12/Monica-Wilkie-on-Lockdown.pdf
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1 year ago
"The purpose of this paper is not to debate the efficacy of virus interventions. It is to determine whether governments’ COVID-19 policies were appropriately justified, weighed trade-offs, and met necessary standards of accountability [See Box 1: You cannot criticise that!]." Monica Wilkie... (See also "Box 3: Liberty dies in COVID") Thank you for the link to this paper@orac! It is an oddity to witness again and again how the flow of command, as well as the flow of information and much else, is running backwards in the world... from a centre or centres somewhere, managed by unelected somebodies in undeclared decision making discussions, bypassing genuine legal sources on each and every country... Upside-down waterfall... the world's plumbing is going against human gravity. One has to ask, which artificialities are capable of generating anomalies like this?
orac replied:
You're most welcome glauce :-)