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Relationship diagram (acquisitions, strategic partnerships, use of technology and more about BSV and its ecosystem) Legend: - green line ---> investment - constant blue line ---> current position in the company - blue dotted line - - -> previous function - brown line ---> buyout - the orange line became a joint venture <---> (using BSV) - orange dotted line <- - -> project completed / withdrawn or no data available * I can say this about the diagram: the left side is actually a finished collaboration with Core Scientific Inc. and the people associated with it. The most interesting thing is the right side of the diagram, i.e. the EHR data - including registration and receipt of the EHRCash trademark (# 88080965) and the NHC Health coalition and the parent company - Blackstone, which is not only the largest alternative investment company in the world, but also owns several thousand pharmacies in the US. Use zoom on picture Source: https://www.reddit.com/user/xp_analyst/comments/kaizae/relationship_graph_diagram_relacyjny_bitcoin_sv/
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Great diagram! Thank you for adding full size image and info, this is very informative.