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Part 3: Click here to start from the beginning https://powping.com/posts/d6491f913527b5cecd459d202d498644ad380089fb0da21f8035d20af89478ea “Why would I want to play chicken?” You ask. “I can’t know your motives, Paul.” “No,” you smile. “You can’t.” You continue towards the approaching craft. It’s much closer now. Adam looks to you, “What shall I do?” “Come to a stop.” Adam slows, then pulls the craft up floating in the air like a surfer waiting for a wave. The other craft also slows and comes to rest, about fifty yards from you. It’s similar in size and shape to yours except that the top is down obscuring your view of the driver. “We’re being hailed.” Adam tells you. “Take the call.” A hologram of the driver appears floating before you, projected from a flat panel on your dashboard. It shows a weathered looking man in his 50s grinning at you. “Sergeant Madison, how’ve you been?” He asks. “Don’t call me that.” “Come on now. Just because we’ve left the force doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to be addressed by our titles.” “You can shove your titles up your ass.” He laughs, “You haven’t changed a bit. Well, seeing as you’re clearly not interested in catching up I’ll get right to the point.” “Please do.” “I have a client interested in purchasing your land.” “It’s not for sale.” “But you haven’t even heard the offer.” “Is your client Bartholomew Collins?” “I’m not at liberty to say.” “Tell him he’s going to have to build his hyperloop somewhere else.” “If you don’t sell you know the M.O.A. will seize it through eminent domain, right? My client would prefer to purchase it directly. It’s a much better deal for both of you. Will you at least listen to the offer?” Do you... A) Agree to hear the offer B) Politely decline and return home C) Decline to hear the offer and tell him that if he or any of Collin’s men come anywhere near your property it won’t end in a conversation
pete tipped:
glauce tipped:
Well, I think here politeness can be made into a definite no, so I would go with that... if I don't wanna sell, I wont. I would use politeness of the kind that leaves no doubt this is final!
glauce replied:
Oh... that was a B, for the first time I am not taking the same decision as@pete, it could be interesting
pete tipped:
B sounds dull. Option A or C could lead us to an adventure. 😉 I'll cast my vote on A as it could be a lucrative (here's that special word again!) offer, whereas C could make enemies.