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MoneyStream support for PowPress content on Medium

MoneyStream 0.1.14 now supports PowPress content creators on Medium. When you publish your PowPress content using the "publish to external site" option (copy/paste) and post it on Medium, MoneyStream users who view that content will automatically begin paying a small stream of Bitcoin payments to that paymail. As soon as the user is done reading the content and navigates away then the payments stop.

MoneyStream is a new way to spend Bitcoin and support the content creators that you engage with on the web. You pay as you go from your own wallet and you only pay for what you use. Now, with PowPress and MoneyStream you can also earn Bitcoin from your Medium posts. At MoneyStream, we strive to monetize your content wherever it exists.

MoneyStream makes it easy to create monetized platforms. To learn more please visit https://moneystreamdev.github.io/moneystream-project/

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At MoneyStream, we strive to monetize your content wherever it exists. UNLEASH your dragon 😡 I like your emotions. Yeah I want to see this tool in an unexpected place...
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Love your energy. Working on it every day.
You should have left a Medium article example so people could try. I'll leave mine instead :) https://medium.com/@_unwriter/how-to-publish-bitcoinized-content-to-wordpress-medium-or-any-other-publishing-platform-b1a454740837
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