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BRO These fucking scammers. They turned the bots back on and are ignoring me now. I gave them one hour to either turn the bots off/deactivate the supposed "rogue players" accounts, or turn the PVP queue off. They cannot sit there and ALLOW THIS PERSON TO STEAL THEIR PLAYERS MONEY. THEY ARE FUCKING FULLY AWARE. FUCKS SAKES THIS FUCKING INDUSTRY
ahh time tk build jimmy
Get em.
felon_musk replied:
I did. the game is actually good when the bots arent running, everyone seems to be enjoying it trying different stuff. The thing they don't seem to get is that I could simply build a character to beat their (or this "rogue players") bots every time and just take money from the bots. It's not about that, they are stealing other peoples money. Not just me. Not everyone will understand how to build, to be able to beat them every time (at which point they would turn the bots off as well)
felon_musk replied:
Because the thing is just multiattacking every turn - all I have to do is build the freeze mage and have 22 evasion, plus the spell gives their attacks "disadvantage" (they roll two dice to hit, and use the lowest score). Their bots would never be able to hit me and just lose every round. Lol.
Funny, you'd think they would have deactivated those accounts for exploiting/stopped them from doing that yesterday, but they showed up again today. Only when I threatened to go to social media/authorities for them allowing literal theft/scamming of peoples BSV did they stop again this morn. I don't care if it's some random person like they claim. they can't just let 9 bot accounts run constantly stealing peoples money just because a glitch exists in their game. Rofl. If it was unpaid that's one thing - people are losing real money to a scam they're aware of whether it's them or not, they either have to deactivate those accounts or turn PVP queue for $ off if they can't do that.