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The twitter hack has exposed the truth - Unless people are in control of their own posts then they are at risk of being hacked and impersonated. Image the fallout if trumps account tweeted out 'We are now at war with china' This is dangerous on a level that was foolishly overlooked. I think this is going to be a massive boost for blockchain social media platforms.
Individual accounts are still a point of weakness. It is consensus that is important, as Bitcoin taught. https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2013/04/hacked-ap-tweet-white-house-bombs-stock-market/315992/
mooncat replied:
Exactly - signing a post using something like a ledger nano is going to be a cold storage way of interacting.
mooncat replied:
You design the social network so that it has no controls over posts and what they say.
migt replied:
If you lose your ledger nano someone else gets to say anything on your behalf? I would rather anything I said be considered suspect until a certain threshold of approved associates vouch that I am still in control of said identity thus validating all previous posts.
Does that go away? If my money button gets compromised then you end up in the same boat.
mooncat replied:
Maybe if we sign messages from a ledger nano type wallet that's built into a mobile then perhaps that would work.
mooncat replied:
Put the power in the individual instead of centralized companies
911 replied:
Yes. Removing the single point of failure is huge.
mooncat replied:
Maybe moneybutton and relayx don't really have much of a future at all then.
911 replied:
If money button is compromised, the hacker wouldn't get access to all their user accounts.