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BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front - in question format given@unwriter's advice): Is there a chance that bitcoin core IP is actually US Gov't owned? If we were to dream-up, from scratch, a "more" perfect BSV... would having a public interest owner vs a private owner be more beneficial? Been reading a few more depositions in this case. Absolutely fascinating. It would be incredibly ironic if the US Gov't actually hold the rights (whether restricted, GPR, or unlimited...) to fundamental bitcoin IP. If anyone were awake at Homeland Security contracts, they probably should be auditing invention and accounting reports form W&K (Craig and Dave's company) for their contracts. I've seen plenty of cases where companies will move funds around to claim invention was a result of IR&D when it was actually using gov't funds to avoid the forfeiture of exclusivity of IP rights. Given timeline and fungibility of the cash on the books and subsequent allocation, can't imagine they'd be able to go back and prove much... but, this could have been ARPANET 2.0 (and maybe, arguably, a good development given how the public sourcing of internet basics turned-out vs being the IP of a for-profit individual/company)... if they USG would have had quality oversight. But, again, haven't looked up the actual awards to see the scope... bitcoin could have been legit side-hobby/private enterprise. Piece of deposition that spawned thoughts (from Jamie's depo): "So, I know there was a lot of Bitcoin there. However, when I started to have a look at the R&D and the claiming of the R&D, research and development, for the Australia federal government I didn't feel comfortable when I noticed that these amounts were from a U.S., and at that time and I am still not aware if the money actually was funded by the U.S. government. And I thought, well hang on, the Supreme Court of Australia has turned around and brought this IP into Australia, and now Craig is turning around and claiming the R&D on this money, that was paid by the U.S. government." There's also interesting dialogue re: what looks like nascent thoughts on smart contracts from Craig, etc. Jamie, for his part, plugs his company's YDF and calls it vastly superior to blockchain tech due to ledger differentials, etc. Don't know much about that. But, by far, the best part is where Jamie goes into great detail describing Craig as a laid-back hoodie-wearing coder up until the day Dave passed away and then becoming an intense, ego-driven, high-end suit, luxury watch, sports car driving, etc. type person. I'm not opining on the accuracy of that transition or the basis... I'm just getting a kick out of visualizing CSW dressed and acting like Mark Z.
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