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Trends.cash Megathread: post your opinions, questions and feature requests.
Feature proposal (goal: 5 BSV) : Adding PowPing stats on trends.cash
slb replied:
Doing it anyways by the way. It is just an example you can crowdfund features with powping
I would like to see apps built with Operate listed on trends. Operate doesn’t use Bitcom protocols, so will need a different way. Can we work together to make that happen?
slb replied:
any guidance how to recognise those apps?
libs replied:
There isn’t necessarily a standard way. But we can create one :) Operate works similarly to Bitcom with the pipe convention, but each “protocol” is a function and referenced by 4 bytes instead of a bitcoin address. There is a function similar to MAP so could use a similar “app” attribute convention. But functions can change so the 4 byte reference may end up being different depending on which version of the function is being used. So maybe a different approach is needed.
slb replied:
Can you give me an example transaction or/and somewhere where to read more in depth?