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BSV is now above the 4H cloud and has broken trend line. 140ish was the bottom I was looking for in this post: https://ibankcoin.com/en1gma/2020/09/13/boring/ Maybe one more test of $163 then should be bullish through the CG conference.
macsga tipped:
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2 years ago
Targets are the white Fibonacci lines. $193 seems likely before end of CG, above that depends on broader markets and news.
danlazo replied:
I day it will be $130 before it gets to $190
coinspeak replied:
I track the Mayer Multiple indicator for BSV. It didn't hit sub .7 which is the indicator of a true bottom. Lowest reading was .78 at closing price of $146. For now as long as price is above cloud the trend is bullish. Stay nimble.
danlazo replied:
The whole market is going down this fall. BSV is not independent of the market. Where the cryoto market goes so does BSV.
coinspeak replied:
I agree. But be bullish when above cloud and bearish when below. This next week should be green.