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dedicated to people who have loss loved ones from "covid" A place to share valuable information about covid that could help someone else . A collection of thought and data could help save lives to this awful problem

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I'm sorry for the loss chief. Our family has had some losses (although not COVID related) along the way, like every family. In addition to traditional faith literature (e.g., Bible), my wife really found Megan Devine's book "It's OK That You're Not OK: Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture That Doesn't Understand" very helpful in a time when she was really struggling. In the vent anyone on this channel is... a few of her favorite excerpts: “The reality of grief is far different from what others see from the outside. There is pain in this world that you can't be cheered out of. You don't need solutions. You don't need to move on from your grief. You need someone to see your grief, to acknowledge it. You need someone to hold your hands while you stand there in blinking horror, staring at the hole that was your life. Some things cannot be fixed. They can only be carried.” “Grief is visceral, not reasonable: the howling at the center of grief is raw and real. It is love in its most wild form.” “When someone you love dies, you don't just lose them in the present or in the past. You lose the future you should have had, and might have had, with them. They are missing from all the life that was to be.” “What we need to remember -- as a working practice -- is to honor all griefs. Honor all losses, small and not small. Life changing and moment changing. And then, not to compare them. That all people experience pain is not medicine for anything.” “Every loss is valid. And every loss is not the same. You can't flatten the landscape of grief and say that everything is equal. It isn't.” “Love with open hands, with an open heart, knowing that what is given to you will die. It will change. Love anyway. You witness incredible pain in this life. Love anyway.”
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