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We had a user yesterday report sweeping a private key in ElectrumSV and the coins being stolen and mixed within 10 minutes. The only problem is they were using the latest version of ElectrumSV (1.3.7) and there is no known fake/malware version of that release yet. So this implies that they must have been hacked by some really proactive hacker or malware lurking on their computer. However, one thing you may not be aware of is that I removed the ability to sweep coins in the move from ElectrumSV 1.2 to 1.3, so if they swept these coins they didn't do it in ElectrumSV. The user did not answer questions investigating this. While we can rarely prove any given statement is true or false that our users make when they report stolen coins, I often find there are red flags like this. The most likely explanation is that this user did lose coins but they did so by using some other dodgy software they shouldn't have entered the private key in (there is an issue for Electrum Core where a user did this too). Knowing that the malware author is not an avenue for help, they seem to have identified the latest release of ElectrumSV and claimed they lost the coins in it in order to get some assistance. However, we have to take the user at their word and assume that they have been hacked. But if they did contrive their report to gain assistance this undermines our understanding of real issues with ElectrumSV and leads us to believe things might be happening that are not. It makes it harder for us to take the real users who lose coins at their word. If you use software you download from a random web site and it steals your coins, please just come to us and tell us through our github issues page. We can document it and collect cases like this, and help others work out the range of possible scams they might encounter. -- rt12
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自分が使用した時間条件においては問題なかった と伝えるしかない。 使った感じで ううんこれは様子見かなと判断するorしない こだわらず優しくしましょう
electrumsv replied:
From my perspective, as long as someone sticks around and answers questions, that is the main thing. Then we can work out what in the end happened, and whether there are new problems for others to watch out for. -- rt12
Was that Framore?
electrumsv replied:
No. My guess in his case was that he was using a malware version of ElectrumSV he did not download from the correct site. But it is impossible to tell as he said he had reformatted with secure linux.
framore replied:
uniqueusername replied:
Did you verify the checksum? Maybe it just looked like the original site. Thats the perfidious problem with scam sites.
electrumsv replied:
The user in the OP actually after questioning over several days told us he worked out he actually downloaded 1.3.6 from the scam site. So there was no act of deception. It is actually common that people will copy paste the latest version from the official site, and say they used that. Then after questioning work out they downloaded from a different site themselves. -- rt12