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Total Economy: 0.04 USD
Oh shit boys im actually selling items. wtf i sold one for 18 bucks
Nice. I've been getting worked in crypto fights. I'm no good at it. 🤣
jesus i gotta get the emulator for mac lol
felon_musk replied:
You also gotta gitgud and learn the whole meta and how to beat everything and whatnot. The reason i have so many is I have an insane win rate. Both, knowing what will be best vs the other good players generally, and, most people playing this are TERRIBLE right now. So many misplays. I laugh all the time like it's not their fault, if you don't play this type of game it's not exactly intuitive all the time but yea. People are god-awful on top of not knowing how to build properly and not having the items. The funniest one is when people have -1 or -2 intelligence, and use the focus skill, and it doubles it into the negative LOL. People do this ALL THE TIME to try to break hides, use focus, not realizing it does nothing unless you have at least +1. You cannot use focus beneficially at all unless you have +1 modifier to intelligence minimum, and even then it's a bad play.
felon_musk replied:
You can certainly make items that people will need without playing tons but yea. because i've had it on constantly while doing other shit and b/c like i said initially, this is EXACTLY the type of game I have played to excel at for yrs and go top 1% in consistently (all online card games too like magic, hearthstone,etc), my win rate is absurd so I've printed a lot of the valuable, scarce items.
thoth replied:
lol thats funny im saving your tips im pretty good with strategy but sometimes it takes me time to understand the system. hopefully i can check it out
What was it that sold that high
felon_musk replied:
i have no idea there's no records. Probably some armor I guess the mail armor of strength and dexterity maybe? I have like 5 of them man LOL. whta the fuck. all these items are gonna definitely be worth a fortune in the future wtf
tonymontoshi tipped:
0.04 USD
1 year ago
thoth replied:
lol i told my wife we are gunna get rich off some lame shit watch. these days im not so sure lol
Ya there’s a lot of eyes on that game now. You might be sitting on a gold mine 😂
felon_musk replied:
Ya i just had to find the right price range i guess. I started getting the items around $20 and listing the ones that are necessary to be strongest (maxed items like with max stats on them)