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This is a keto thread. Publish your information and questions about ketosis here. I like ketosis. I like the fact that my body produces ketone bodies to use fat as the main energy source. I like the fact that it keeps my energy level constant and that I am not manipulated by my insulin system (cravings). If you want to lose weight, it's great that you can use ketosis to burn body fat without losing muscle mass at the same time. It thus protects against a side effect of the yoyo effect, in which the person ends up having more fat than before the diet and less muscle mass (unhealthy). A ketogenic diet also makes it more difficult to eat unhealthy food, because a lot of unhealthy food is only made unhealthy by suggar supplements which you are not allowed to eat anyway. In a ketogenic diet, your diet consists mainly of meat, dairy products, nuts and vegetables. Steak with vegetable garnish, bacon with eggs, feta pans, oven cheese, nuts, seeds, cucumber with curd, are some examples of dishes. But it is not easy to stay in ketosis for long and it requires a lot of willpower. Pizza, burgers, soft drinks, pasta, bread, rice, juices, fruit, sweets... I'm afraid that's not possible. Of course you can include cheat days, no diet should be a dictatorial eating regime. You just have to consider that it can take 1-3 days to get back to the benefits of ketosis after you have gotten out with carbohydrates. In short, eat less than 30g of carbohydrates a day and your body will start to produce ketone bodies and supply you with energy through fat. In a ketogenic diet, you should eat a lot of fat, generous amounts of protein and no to minimal carbohydrates. As an athlete, it is recommended to eat a higher protein content in addition to the high fat content. A few negative temporary side effects are possible: Especially in the first few days you may feel a little flabby. The body must first adjust to a fat-adapted diet. Bad breath, caused by exhaled ketone bodies, is also possible, but it also disappears quickly (days). Constipation is also not uncommon in the beginning. However, all these side effects disappear very quickly and the benefits of ketogenic diet are becoming apparent.
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1 year ago
You might be interested in my low carb journey with the Carnivore diet. Still doing it 10 months later. Feeling amazing. http://markcarni.life/
I'm in about week 4 of keto. Definitely agree with all the benefits listed. Lost weight fast. Dont have the energy dips that would lead to snacking. Have a totally different understand of what hunger even means. In week one I had a killer headache for 1 day, other than that has been plain sailing. Take fibre supplements to sort out any difficulties in the poo department. Not sure how long I'll keep this up though. There is not a day go past where I dont see my family easting a pastry or something for breakfast and I just wish I could. Pizza is the food of gods, and I've tried a keto pizza recipe and it was very disappointing. But not sure what the "after keto" strategy is though, without piling the weight back on.
pepo replied:
If you want to leave keto and maintain a healthy lifestyle, simply eat less carbohydrates and sugar than before keto. You will not have the keto benefits, but carbohydrates per se are not wrong. Better long chained carbohydrates than short chained (so the body has to do work (use energy) to split them), little to no industrial sugar. You only gain weight if you eat more calories than you can burn.
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1 year ago
marquee replied:
Glad to hear it. You don't need fibre to help in the poo dept. If you eat enough protein you will not desire carbs. There's tons of carbs in my house and I rarely eat them. I occasionally have strawberries and honey with my Greek Yoghurt.