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Events that can trigger permanent BCH/BSV flippening : * Coinbase adds BSV * Binance readds BSV * some BSV app reaches 10 000-100 000 active users ... Which event you think will trigger it? Are there any other events likely to trigger the flip?
randy_c tipped:
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1 year ago
I estimate September/October time, looking at this chart. Btw Twetch already has over 15k users, probably MB as well.
It just needs a media cycle where people say, "wait there are multiple bitcoins???" There's no competition in terms of the features and capacity of the chain, so it's just a matter of getting anyone to notice. That means overcoming the weirdness of the situation-- like, probably nobody's going to spontaneously start reporting on there being multiple Bitcoin chains without some really compelling reason, because the story is convoluted and confusing and bizarre and so they'd have to EXPLAIN to their audience in detail. But they'll bother to explain if there's a compelling reason why the audiences would care, for instance any celebrity doing anything about it, mostly media is driven by celebrity. Any celebrity will do. Satoshi Nakamoto counts as a celebrity and Craig Wright doesn't yet, so if Craig signs publicly with early keys or anything else that gets him recognized as Satoshi then that'd do it.
The first two would only add a short term boost to the price. In the long run (to make a flip permanent) having a large user base is more important. #FirstPowPing
Wasn't Roger Ver one of Coinbase investors? Thus Coinbase won't list BSV. Binance won't list BSV for ideological reasons.
pleb replied:
lol he is also a Binance investor
pete replied:
Right. :-) As you wrote: first 2 absolutely not happening.
first 2 absolutely not happening lol
Yeah. I think the boss said It over and over. Law. Just like Another Boss like to say ; Law & Order. I think law, will trigger it. Something around that.