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I've created a website using IPFS and NBdomain. Right now it has one article - a guide to creating your own website on IPFS and NBdomain! I've also linked it to a DNS domain name, to make it accessible to everyone: https://earnanduse.co.uk or nb://earnanduse.b Many thanks to Jeff Chen for his help with this project.
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a tutorial on how to use NBdomain with Nginx ?
This is great, thank you... just added a link in my group
byrngar replied:
Thank you. I'm really pleased that you like it. What's your group?
glauce replied:
I have just joined yours... lovely to see what you are doing! I am working on a new project, so my group is not active, well, not as usual... also, there will be a new group coming soon, so I'll add the link as soon as we are ready to launch...
glauce replied:
Don't know if that was clear enough... lol... hope so
byrngar replied:
Yes, got it :) Looking forward to that link and your launch.