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One of the least enjoyable part of programming is when you get errors that shouldn't be happening in someone else's code. Maybe the coders of a dependency of a dependency didn't write their installation code correctly, and the maintainers of the package installation software decided they wanted things to work cleaner and removed some incorrect behaviour. Now the installation doesn't work, and you need to find out why. So you have to rule out problems with your local environment, and maybe you even go to the lengths of uninstalling the programming language - but let's not go into how the installed packages in that language were already corrupt due to bugs by the maintainers of the package installation software. Now you google and read StackOverflow, and no-one seems to be having the same problem. You isolate the problem and report it to the maintainers who were develop that dependency of a dependency, and you have to hope that they do a release sooner rather later, and even accept that the reported problem is a problem and don't push the blame elsewhere. You were just watching the [interview with Dennis Ritchie](https://youtube.com/watch?v=O9upVbGSBFo
) and he was saying that the Python packaging system was full of versioning pain. And of course, that npm was worse. -- rt12
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1 year ago
I am not a coder, but seems to me that a repository of bugs would be an asset for everybody, devs and end users... it would help, rather than hinder (or become personal)... once in the open, it has to be dealt with. There could also be satoshi rewards for bug hunters.
"Now you google and read StackOverflow, and no-one seems to be having the same problem" => another scary scenario is when everyone seems to be having the same problem but they are all completely different, and you end up trying all the suggestions out and your code becomes spaghetti, and in the end you somehow get it to work but don't know why it's working 😅