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"Compare the source code. Look at all that CORE equips to implement and everything that happens then BTC is clearly not what satoshi has achieved anymore, CORE modifies its œuvre. Here is a parable: for example you have acquired the Mona Lisa. You paint and then add a wig to it, colour it blue, paint sunglasses for anonymity and incidentally you stick a firecracker in its mouth. Then proud of your "creation" you decide to show the result to the whole world from Japan to Austria via Lapland and the Midwest with a diversion to Brazil and a break in New Zealand to go for a run with the All Blacks (yes sir), do you think she is still the Mona Lisa as Leonardo da Vinci originally painted her? It is the same size as the Mona Lisa but it doesn't look like the Mona Lisa anymore, it has been transformed into something else so no it is not. With BTC and what the CORE team has incremented in the BTC code over the years and what happens like Taproot, Tapscript and the signatures of Schnorr and other arms of Shiva.... You will find that this is not at all what satoshi's work was. Now take the BSV code, look carefully at everything that was de-incremented by nChain, see now who is BitCoin as satoshi created it. Yes it is BSV aka BitCoin."
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1 year ago
What a great analogy! The job of restoring that badly defaced Mona Lisa to its original, as Leonardo intended, would take a huge number of man hours, love and a lot of fine expertise, costly, but it would be crazy not to do it... as is, she looks like BTC