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Sweden is the control group for COVID-19.
What do you mean? Elaborate. :)
marquee replied:
They did not lock down, they did not enforce mask wearing, and social distancing was a guideline, not an enforcement. They are the country that used reason and logic, not hysteria and emotion to tackle this "pandemic". Look at the deaths/day for Sweden compared to say, UK curve, and they look very similar.
baltsar replied:
Sure but we lost some elderly pretty devastating in my opinion. There is always a price to pay.
marquee replied:
We lost elderly in previous flu seasons. Should we lock down then too? The elderly die from eating the wrong food all their lives. Should we ban harmful foods? Should we lock down nations around the world and bring about the worst recession in centuries so that the elderly "may survive"? Should we increase rates of death in cancer because people are fearful of entering a hospital in front of the COVID-19 altar? Should we increase suicides from depression due to loneliness and financial struggle so the elderly may survive? Should we become a fascist state and delegate our decision making to the eternally wise politicians, or make our own risk-weighted decisions? The very state of being alive carries inherent risk. We need to accept that risk and stop wetting the bed. And regarding the elderly, only the diabetic, vitamin D deficient elderly succumb to COVID-19 due to THEIR OWN poor life choices. You reap what you sow. Healthy elderly people fight off COVID-19 with no problem. If there were no lock-down, the young would have brought about herd immunity and the shielded elderly would have been protected. But NO, let's all panic and use emotion rather than reason to make our decisions. What a shitshow.