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What are the chances that a google or a big group come in to fork Bsv and then dominate the crypto space? If Craig has got Bsv right then they would surely be looking this way. They would be in the green just from the pump. They would dominate the space. Developers would flock in mass and hype would be off the charts. They would likely be building many mining facilities right now to control the mining. They could also partner with or buy the mining manufacturers to prevent competitors. We would be rich due to reviving the forked coins and Craig would do great off the patents. (Just throwing it out there)
Anyone can do it. But it will have to be started from the genesis block. Not copying the entire database. And of course pay licensing for using any patented shit.
I believe Nchain and Craig would have thought this much earlier and know preventive. Patent playing a big role here I assumed?
mooncat replied:
I wonder how much they would have to pay in patent fee's if they did and how much it would really matter if they could just offset the cost due to rising coin value.
Would projects already on Bsv be able to plug straight in/add new fork? I assume they would.
This already happened before the fork.
seangray replied:
mooncat replied:
What's the better path though - a stake in nchain or forking bitcoinsv and paying patent costs?
From following crypto over a few years, I really don't believe people even understand one tiny bit of what BSV is. People who are 'leaders' in blockchain right have missed the point. So its likely Google or big companies have zero idea of what the white paper potentially means. So in my opinion CSW and Nchain have to craft it themselves until it gets pretty big
jas tipped:
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1 year ago
mooncat replied:
I think these big tech firms fully understand it all - there's tons of evidence of this
dan_lazo replied:
What kind of evidence?
jas replied:
Megacorps don't have a single clue.
jas replied:
Look up the term 'blockchain consortium' if you want to get a good idea of what we're up against.
mooncat replied:
"What kind of evidence?" Guest list of Ripples Interledger protocol workshop back in 2016 shows a list of big names all getting together to have a talk about crypto. https://twitter.com/XRP_stuart/status/1242550399602700291?s=20
mooncat replied:
There's much earlier evidence, but this guest list shows a group of big names coming together. You rarely see this kind of thing happen in crypto which makes it quite a big deal.
satoshisdisciple replied:
Your right. That’s why Craig says “thank you” to Cryptardia for distracting the REAL competition!
If they thought his patents could only be won by him under specific scenario, they might just off him or prevent that scenario. Wouldn't be the first time in history.
mooncat replied:
Satoshi would be the only person alive to vanish twice 😂
For companies like Google who are already at the top, there's more to lose than to gain by joining the Bitcoin movement because they have to first give up their power. So won't happen.
mooncat replied:
They would gain new power from the value of the forked coins and domination of the crypto space. if they don't make a move they could lose of to crypto in the long run
goodfella replied:
4b mcap, I'm sure google can start its own blockchain and wipe bsv and others