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100% convinced "magic" rings, necklaces and crowns are real. I was believing they are just fairytales just few years ago. Now I have my evidences they are all real. Just see how many top runners and cyclists wear gold necklaces. For those people every gram makes a difference, and they still wear them.
2016 100m Olympics final - 4 out of 8 wear gold necklaces. All top 3 wear gold necklaces. https://youtube.com/watch?v=4gUW1JikaxQ
Michael Johnson - 4 times Olympic gold medalist. Wearing huge gold chain
um have you considered though also the hypothesis that maybe lots of people are very irrational
slb replied:
Yes. There are too many of them to be irrationality. Just watch some 100m dash final. Those people dedicate their lives to be the fastest men and nothing is there because irrationality. Every single element there has purpose.
mungojelly replied:
the purpose could be just that they believe the same thing you're saying you believe with the same complete lack of evidence .... like now you're saying you believe that, so if based on that theory you went and wore gold while winning races, you would be "confirming" your own hypothesis if it does have a purpose it's not a very good theory that the purpose is magic, given that there isn't actually any magic ..... here's a better theory, off the top of my head: it helps by reminding them to keep their neck and shoulders relaxed ........ why not think of an actual hypothesis like that that could have any possibility of being real in the world
slb replied:
If you don't know how it works it does not mean it does not exist in the real world They all wear gold. Not silver, not titanium, not platinum. If it was about rhythm or reminding something they would use every kind of metal. Like people in the real world who wear all kind of jewellery. Not 100% wearing yellow gold.
musiq replied:
Well, to be fair.... gold is the most popular when it comes to a necklace. Plus it would be kinda weird if Michael Johnson ran his 100 meters with a luxurious diamond necklace :)