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Copied and Shared from Holistic Natural Healing group chat: Natural ingredients recipe that helps with your sense of well-being for defense to Covid19 You can try making hcq. heres the recipe... 3 lemons 3 grapefruits. Scrub with warm water and vinegar solution to remove any wax/contaminates. Cut into 1/4’s, scrape the meat from the rinds, it’s ok if you don’t get it all. Use a pot large enough to cover the rinds with 3” of distilled or filtered water. I use a gallon jug of distilled. Cover with glass lid, simmer for 5 hrs. DO NOT REMOVE LID UNTIL COMPLETELY COOL. Strain and bottle. Store in fridge for up to 10 days. Take 1 small tumbler, and 50mg of zinc every morning.