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This is a Monstera deliciosa, commonly known as the Swiss Cheese Plant. A native of southern Mexico the plant is famous for the holes and tears the leaves get as they grow bigger (hence the name Swiss Cheese Plant). You can see the newer smaller leaves at the bottom of the plant in the picture, then on the medium leaves you can see the holes start to appear and finally fully tear on the largest leaves at the top.
joexcomics tipped:
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1 year ago
Careful, those things can get huge!
rlcreate replied:
Lol I'm actually kind of hoping it grows quite a bit more, though not sure how big it would get in it's current pot
Beautiful plant with a big personality... the leaves remind me of Matisse's cut-outs
rlcreate replied:
Lol they are really similar, maybe he had them in the back of his mind!
glauce replied:
Agree, it really looks like it, Matisse's cut-outs feature leaves like this in various degrees of abstraction, pure beauty... your plant is a star!
rlcreate replied:
Very interesting so weird that it does that!
rlcreate replied:
Thanks! And yeah it's a pretty weird one, they grow in forests so apparently the leaves grow holes and tear to spread out and gain the best chance of catching sunlight
joexcomics replied:
Very cool