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Anthony de Mello

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In the old days it was common for people to use paper lanterns in Japan. The paper shielded a lit candle and was held together by bamboo sticks. A blind man happened to be visiting a friend and since it was late, was offered a lantern to take home with him. He laughed at the suggestion. “Day and night are all one to me,” he said. “What would I do with a lantern?” His friend said, “You do not need it to find your way home, true. But it might help to prevent someone from running into you in the dark.” So the blind man started off with the lantern. It wasn’t long before someone crashed into him, knocking him off balance. “Hey, you careless fellow!” cried the blind man. “Can’t you see this lantern?” “Brother,” said the stranger, “your lantern has gone out.” You walk more safely in your own darkness than in someone else’s light. 🙂