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Tesla,Tesla's and Teslas.

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Predictions for battery day?
Your predictions?
jolon replied:
Not sure really. There's been so many predictions, I'm wondering if we might be underwhelmed in the end. The key ultimately is to unlock battery production capacity, which Elon has indicated is the primary limitation to manufacturing more vehicles. More range would be nice, as I think even their longer range Model 3/Y cars don't have enough range. Will be interesting if there is a surprise vehicle announcement. I'm thinking maybe a van or something else based on the CyberTruck platform, but that might come later. Given that there only appears to be the smaller Fremont cell production at the moment, it could only be for smaller runs like Model S/X and maybe the initial Semis. However the cell lines in the other factories should come online in the next 6 months or so.
oliver8008 replied:
Yeah, it's possible we get underwhelmed. Mmmmm
Well, I haven't thought much about predictions, but more what I hope. Which is 1) million miles cycle life 2) weight of Semi pack lighter than expected. 3) production speed faster and at all Giga factories have their own batteries made locally.
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