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Actual, but simple/naive - I recognize, question: What would prevent BTC from just watching BSV as a robust guinea pig for its protocol / approach... and when it clearly "works" and proves scaling is viable and locking core protocol is value-added, just adopt the changes and make the dominant chain more dominant? I'm not really interested in "well, it's patented" type dialogue or "well, there's already so much development on BSV it will be hard to turn the tide" (since we all know it's nascent at best). I'm just getting into a lot of this and only just now about half-way through Berkeley's courses on bitcoin (trying to catch-up on some of the technical basics), etc. -- so, just interested more in the technical barrier to entry. E.g., is it impossible for BTC to soft-fork over to a more viable transaction-friendly chain for some reason in the future? Ultimate flip BIP...
There's more to the system than code. They'd have to also start up some industrial scale servers capable of carrying a heavy chain. There could be people involved with "BTC" that have the capital to start up a real chain, but it wouldn't be an overnight switch flip for sure. Even more difficult than copying the code or building out the infrastructure would be admitting that they'd been wrong the whole time-- difficult psychologically, of course, but also very very difficult in terms of convincing the community to follow the change, especially without there also being a viable fork continuing the one meg worship, and it's not clear then who'd nab the ticker. A far more likely scenario is that it's suddenly revealed to the public that Craig is Satoshi, at a convenient time for him since it's his choice, causing them to have an apocalyptic media cycle that collapses their chain all at once, and they do nothing about it except howl at the moon.