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what i have figured out so far is you need an idea. to develop you need to find an idea of something people want or need. then you can figure out how to build that thing. you cant get the tools for the job before the job is defined. You dont need to collect shovels for digging holes if your building a house. i am no season vet by no means. Developing something is figuring out what you need next to put that next thing on or into your idea. Then you have to search or develop it yourself or with help. how do you know if you need html exp or css flexgrid experience before you get to that road. i am learning on a daily basis that my dream needs more than i thought last week. keep a log. break it down into smaller parts and understand before moving on. it only gets more complicated as you progress. better to have a good understanding, play a lot with new knowledge.
I agree. The idea comes first. Using plain old paper/pencil is a great start