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https://imgur.com/a/jiZ9x4M It's a longshot but maybe some ultra-whale will buy my epic items bahah. There aren't many on the market yet. Maybe I should keep them as some of the first minted
Hold. Everything BSV will be worth way more money in the future.
felon_musk replied:
kinda, but.. these items like.. they only have scarcity now for one thing. Some whale might be like hey cool i want those b/c nobody else has them now. But in the future these might flood the market and go for like 20c each or something haha you never know. They are only worth what people will pay for them. There's no harm in asking a lot for them b/c its all new, novelty. Nobody has to buy them and i'd be surprised if someone did. I'd rather sell them for 1 BSV now if I can somehow than like 20c-$1 worth of BSV in the future (when 1 BSV might be worth way more too) It sounds crazy but people paid insane amounts for cryptokitties etc.some people just dont care about $ they have so much.
bitcoin_assassin replied:
It's a gamble either way. But you should be able to use these item's in a different BSV game in the future.
felon_musk replied:
The ONLY way I could see them having some kind of value retained is if there was some sort of premium on "first items minted", but even then i'm sure they've already minted tons of them internally so unlikely I have the first "Fiery Icy Fine Dagger of Strength and Dexterity" lol. YOu know whats REALLY friggin interesting though? Ok get this. Future scenario. Say this game had a huge pro scene or something. Picture a game like this with a pro scene, with item drops/NFTs. Ok, so say a match happens between 2 pros and it's like the biggest showcase match EVER. Of all time. And everyones just blown away by it. Well... Both the winner AND the loser of the match.. and any match like this, in any game that uses NFTS.. can sell the items off, digitally signed to whoever wants them, if they want, as memorabilia. Fuckin wild.And people will buy it, I guarantee you. People buy hundreds worth in cosmetic skins, and pay thousands of $ to people who stream on twitch just to WATCH them. People will buy "The sword NFT that killed that pro in the 2023 World Championship" for huge premium. Crazy eh? In fact, I can already foresee now pro gamers having a market for like.. game played NFT's. They could just sell em for $5 a pop and people would want them, and buy them and tell their friends "Hey x pro literally used this exact weapon in a match" etc. It's gonna happen. I am the foresight owl
bitcoin_assassin replied:
How the hell do you type so fast? 🤯
felon_musk replied:
Well I'm kind of part android, I type 110wpm. I started on computers when I was 4, and I'm 34 now, so.. yea lol. I've had a weird life. I've been sort of experimented on via the internet by not so great entities in the past, and yea. Done a lot of fighting the good fight online. My job has been to fight in the information war, for us, because I'm good at it. It feels like I was trained for it all my life just naturally thropugh experience
felon_musk replied:
So that's why I type so fast. I'm always typing. I've existed in front of a computer most of my life, esp past few years I had to hermitize bigtime.