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An introduction to Metaphysics Recently I completed a degree in Metaphysics and I am now currently studying for a Masters in this subject and was asked to share some of my knowledge on here about the subject. This is an introduction into Metaphysics and what it is, with a list of things that belong in the category of metaphysics and a list of things that do not belong to the category of Metaphysics. The word Metaphysics, or metaphysic, originates from the ancient Greeks, the term “meta” meaning “beyond or after” and the term “physic” meaning “physical,” therefore metaphysics meant to the Greeks “beyond or after the physical.” Most notably the first person to actually write anything of significance on the subject was Aristotle; he was known to have divided the theoretical sciences into three groups, mainly Physics, Mathematics and Theology. He devoted a lot of time to writing about the “Physics”, which as he understood it Physics was equal to what would now be called “natural Philosophy” or in short the study of nature (physis). He then continued to write a collective of 14 books “after the Physics” he did not actually use the term Metaphysics as the title for these books. He did however have 4 names for the branch of Philosophy that is the subject matter for Metaphysics, “First Philosophy”, “First Science”, “Wisdom” and “Theology”. It was not until at least 100 years after his death that an editor actually entitled the books “Ta meta ta phusika” meaning “the ones after the physical ones” basically the books after the “Physics” in essence this was to warn students that they would need to study the books about the “Physics” before they attempt to study the books entitled “after the physical ones”. Metaphysics is one of the largest disciplines in Philosophy and covers such things as: Ontology (Existence / Being) Modality (Necessity and Possibility) Identity and Change (Persistence) Mereology (Parthood) Personal Identity Space and Time (Travel and Reality) Causality and Effect Universals and Properties Free Will and Determinism Exsitence vs Subsistence Materialism vs Idealism Metaphysics does not directly deal with: Ethics and Morality Knowledge Justification Belief Logic Beauty and Aesthetics Theories of Meaning Theories of Mind Methods of Science Theories of Math Rationality Metaphysics can however overlap these areas but it does not deal with them directly. Metaphysics can also be described as a spiritual / philosophical approach into the nature of human existence; it draws on many Eastern and Western traditions and is also influenced by Religion, Philosophy, Mysticism, Astrology, Meditation, Yoga, Chi Gog, ESP, Holistic Therapies, Nutrition, Children, Positive Thinking, Life after Death, Transcendentalism, Reincarnation, Transpersonal and Theocentric Psychology, Forgiveness, Vibrational Healing, Parapsychology, Consciousness and Quantum Physics, to name a few. The Mind, Body and Spirit are seen as being intrinsically connected with one another and this form’s the belief of a Divine monism and cosmological unity that strengthens and supports the universe. I hope that this helps to give you a basic understanding of the subject. Peace, Love, Life, Light and Laughter xxx
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Hey@diddy, I would imagine you have read ‘A Course In Miracles’, it is the inspiration for the artwork I do and well, for everything else. Nice work on finishing your degree.
diddy replied:
Hey - that's cool in fact I have not read A course in Miracles, my route into metaphysics has been a life long journey - I started off modelling then acting then Technical Theatre, I am currently an out of work actress, artist, occasional musician, who love's ancient history and travel , BSV and anything not the norm and spiritual ! Hence the degree, Masters and hopefully a Phd - I like the idea of being Diddy Dr of Divinity ! I really like some of your artwork and I like how you have got your gallery set out, I could possibly learn a few things from yourself - I have some beginners acrylic art on my streamanity channel and vegetarian cooking is something I am doing on there also. I also do digital art portraits, landscapes and buildings mainly, I have given you a follow, be nice to keep abreast of what you are doing. Thank you for the message xxx
thecloudgallery replied:
Not sure where A Course In Miracles falls re Metaphysics, but as a personal experience, there isn’t anything else like it. I have gone through my spiritual awakening and ACIM is the only expression, of that awakening, that I would teach. I will check out your artwork.