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Total Economy: 1.42 USD
Now your avatar shows up not only for posting UI, but also for the comments input. Small detail but I'm sure there are people who will love this.
cryptofactor tipped:
0.05 USD
1 year ago
bitcoinappdev tipped:
0.03 USD
1 year ago
esryix tipped:
0.73 USD
1 year ago
jolon tipped:
0.01 USD
1 year ago
jasmr tipped:
0.14 USD
1 year ago
This is great, however, I think the avatar needs to be smaller for the posting UI, maybe as small as the avatar that shows when you have tipped. Or maybe its just me?
unwriter replied:
how about now?
cryptofactor tipped:
0.48 USD
1 year ago
cryptofactor replied:
Perfect, thanks
glauce replied: