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Ok@felon_musk give us the ultimate build blueprint 😂
https://imgur.com/a/F3UDj2a Heres the spell guy. Take elf again, dexterity to 10 all the rest in intelligence. Intelligence items. Take phase shift, scoundrel, and elementalist. Set the fire spell, where your attack is cause you dont use attack and phase shift in the empty slot. Generally you play like this; phase shift turn 1, focus turn 2 (the othe rblue one), then fire spells. When you get down to 1 turn left on your phase shift/focus, hit phase shift again. Then focus next turn. Then fire spells again. That is your "rotation" If they take your hide down, immediately put your hide back up in most situations. The only times you don't is if you think you're going to kill them the next turn before they kill you.
https://imgur.com/a/6ygh8eL theres a good one. you take the shadowy one, improved sneak attack, and +2 evasion. Then items to bring your strength and add to dexterity and +1 to intelligence too with items. So +3 to strength +1 intelligence +2-3 dexterity with the items on. No armor then you just use sneak attack constnatly. if your hide goes down, put it back up right away. Don't pre-select the sneak attack because if they break your hide it will try to use it, and glitch your turn. Only use it once you see they didn't break your hide.
felon_musk replied:
Oh ya and elf. Make sure the weapons you take, use dexterity to roll (green dice. daggers, uhhh short swords etc)
felon_musk replied:
There are 3-4 good ones rn hold on